Best Magic Movies

Episode 197: Wizards, Witches, and Dragons, Oh My! (Top 5 Magic Movies)

Apr 20th, 2021 Episodes J

Ala-Q-zam! Open saysa-MIa! Abraca-J-abra! Bring out your spell books and get ready to cast some laughs as the High Five gang gets their Hogwarts Letters and all fly off to conjure up the Top 5 Magic Movies of All Time list potion. Don’t worry, we’re talking real magic here, not a Jesse Eisenberg as far as the eye can see! Join Q on his first…

Top 1980s Movie Villains

Episode 196: The Gang Plays Villainous (Top 5 80s Movie Villains)

Apr 13th, 2021 Episodes J

Sometimes it just feels good to be Bad, and no one likes being bad more than the High Five crew and dastardly dudes/dudettes from the 1980s! The 80s was a decade of decadence. A foray into flamboyance. An era of entertaining evildoers! Okay, you get the idea, we’re talking about 80s movies with great bad guys and ranking the Top 5 80s Movie Villains of all time! From…

Bingeworthy TV

Episode 194: High Five TV Binge (Top 5 Bingeworthy TV Shows)

Mar 23rd, 2021 Episodes J

It’s been a pandemic of a year and if you’re like most, you’ve spent a good portion of it indoors looking for something to stream online. We at High Five: The Podcast feel the same way and since we’re your dedicated sherpas to the world of TV and film, we’re dedicating TWO WHOLE EPISODES to the TV that is worth your time to binge. J,…

Christopher Nolan Movies

Episode 193: The Gang Incepts Tenet (Top 5 Christopher Nolan Movies) – Ft. Cortney Warner!

Mar 16th, 2021 Episodes J

We’re finally doing an episode about the films of Christopher Nolan. It’s about time! And so are his movies! Zing! You know what it’s also time for? It’s about time that Q, J, and Mia invited their friend, comedian and film lover, Cortney Warner to the show. Trust us, when Mia, J, Cortney, and Q get talking about Christopher Nolan, nothing can stop them! Are…

Best Sidekicks

Episode 192: Sidekickin’ It (Top 5 Sidekicks in Pop Culture)

Mar 9th, 2021 Episodes J

Behind every strong hero is an even stronger, usually adopted or unnaturally put in harm’s way, sidekick! These pop culture protectors are always playing second fiddle to their more super heroes, so Q, J, and Mia decided it was time to give Sidekicks the spotlight for a bit and figure out the Top 5 Sidekicks in Pop Culture! Most of them become heroes eventually themselves,…

Best Hugh Jackman Movies

Episode 191: It’s Gonna Be Hugh-ge (Top 5 Hugh Jackman Movies)

Mar 2nd, 2021 Episodes J

You know him. You love him. He’s danced, sang, and clawed his way into our collective hearts, and on this episode, Mia, Q, and J want to do nothing but subsist on the movie candy that is Hugh Jackman! From his breakthrough performance as Wolverine to help establish superhero movies as a viable franchise type, to his live-action recording of Les Misérables, up to his career-defining…

Best Video Game Consoles

Episode 189: The Gang Gets Consoled (Top 5 Video Game Consoles)

Feb 16th, 2021 Episodes J

It’s a debate as old as time, well, rather a debate as old as the early 90s when dueling video game systems competed in the market. Mia, our resident gamer, and her humble cohorts, J and Q, dive into a discussion that goes through every platform, every console, and damn near every SEGA iteration, to finally land our Top 5 Video Game Consoles of All…