Here at High Five: The Podcast, we are hit or miss on Tom Cruise, but his new film AMERICAN MADE looks to be an exciting “true story” ride. Between a coke-covered Tom Cruise riding a bicycle to his “should have taken the Cadi’s, boys” delivery, we are excited to see what Tom can pull off with his portrayal of real-life smuggler Barry Seal.

Before you make any judgements, watch the TrailerTown for AMERICAN MADE and then check out our Top 5 thoughts below:

Top 5 Things About the AMERICAN MADE Trailer

  1. That Tom Cruise Snark – Some of the best Tom Cruise performances are nearly drowning in snark (i.e. Top GunMission: Impossible, Cocktail, etc). While almost every Tom Cruise vehicle has a healthy dose of the man’s ego, this movie looks to be a perfect chance for him to spread those wings and chew up some scenery. We can’t wait.
  2. Domhnall Gleeson – Domhnall Gleeson is a god damned American (Irish) treasure. We will watch anything with him in it, and his dancing at 1:17 endears him to us even more.
  3. The Frenetic Feel – This could just be a construct of the TrailerTown, but the movie looks to be pretty action-packed and all over the place. We may have the fun of Catch Me If You Can in the world-setting of Blow (without all the boring stuff). Bring on those guns!
  4. The Humor – Any great action movie needs to have moments of levity. The best action movies find a way to strike a great balance of a lot of humor and compelling action. If this TrailerTown is any metric, Doug Liman seems to be going in that direction. Outside of the horrendous Jumper, Liman has proven good at striking that balance (Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Edge of Tomorrow, primarily).
  5. The Double-Crosses – This is going to be a snake’s den of double crosses, and we can’t wait to see who’s getting fucked over!

That’s it, what did you think? Are you excited to see Tom Cruise play a smuggler or will you be flying over the release of AMERICAN MADE and waiting for Redbox?