Most movies star human beings, but that’s SO boring! This week, J and Q are taking a trip to the proverbial movie zoo and counting down the Top 5 Movies Starring Animals. Along the way, we realize how little we remember about the book Animal Farm, but definitely remember the weird movies that were made from it, and try and figure out how much Willy was really worth freeing.

When we’re not in the mud with pigs and lost pets, Q and J hypothesize what Bad Boys for Life is all about and how much better it would be if Jacob Tremblay was packing heat in it. Did your favorite talking animals from Disney’s vault make the list? What about that one dog movie that made you cry? Find out on this ASPCA-approved episode of High Five: The Podcast!

(P.S. Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel” was playing over you reading this.)


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