There is no “LIVE” show. This is all a tape recording. Reality is torn asunder when J and Q travel into the realm of David Lynch and break down the filmmaker’s collection so only the Top 5 David Lynch films remain! Does Baby want to fuck enough to get into the top spot, or will we take a long cruise down Mulholland Drive. Find out if Nic Cage’s Elvis impression is enough to out-weird Eraserhead or if Elephant Man is human enough to even make the list.

Things only get weirder from there when the guys introduce their second favorite sponsors and get their speech jammed while reading David Lynch quotes in an all new game. You might be trapped in the red room the rest of your life, or we might not be singing at all. Grab your blue key and shove it in that box and get ready for a weird ride. Sdrawkcab sdaer siht.

Eraserhead gif