Travel back in time with us to the long-ago time before there was a DC Extended Universe. That’s right, the historical year 2013! Starting with Man of Steel, the all-knowing executives at DC began pumping out movies like they were Fazoli’s franchises, and just like Fazoli’s franchises, once you get in the door, you get pretty sick to your stomach. Q and J put on our capes and once and for all decide on the Top 5 DCEU Movies of all time!

Go back in time to hear the pitch that started the whole DCEU. Find out our hopes for the upcoming Matt Reeves The Batman movie. Join in our confusion on what exactly the f*%k is happening with James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad reboot/sequel/remake/all-new-movie. And more! Trust us, we have opinions on the DCEU and now they can be yours too!

DCEU Movies

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