It’s time to be prepared, you poor unfortunate souls, for the hellfire that is High a Five: The Podcast’s exploration of Disney Villains. J and Q pivot from talking about this week’s full Aladdin trailer release and our current feelings on Will Smith’s Genie into dissecting the rogues gallery of evil Disney characters to determine the Top 5 Most Villainous Disney Villains! Who should win the top prize? Is Maleficent the evilest of evil or does Ratigan take home the corrupt cup? Is Shere Khan the king of the jungle or will Ursula drag us all into the deep?

When we aren’t talking Disney, hear our opinions on Sorry to Bother You, Vox Lux, Isn’t It Romantic, and Captain Marvel. Some of our takes may surprise you. Trust us, this episode is a cavalcade of bad impressions, good singing, and classic Disney references. After all, Mother (and High Five) knows best.

Disney Villains

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