We’ve all known people who seemed like their tempers could decimate cities, but it’s so much more impactful when there’s an actual giant creature doing the dirty work. We’re tired of thinking about parasites and viruses, so instead, Q and J are thinking of the biggest monsters they can this week. Whether you’re spending time on Skull Island, irradiating iguanas off the coast of Japan, or manifesting creatures from your mind, we leave no giant stone unturned while we put together the Top 5 Giant Movie Monsters of All Time list!

Not even Matthew Broderick could stop us from allowing our favorite sponsors on the episode. He even stuck around until we started talking about playing “Fuck, Marry, Kill”, but with monsters. We play it anyway. Matthew Broderick is such a loser. Whatever, we digress. Listen to our episode about giant movie monsters!

Giant Monster Movies

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