Don’t tell us Halloween is over! It’s true that Halloween Day was two days ago, but we’re still living that spooky life and decided to go deep and give you all the definitive ranking of the Top 5 Halloween TV Specials of all time! Are you on team “Garfield’s Halloween Adventure” or do you prefer “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”? Did you know that “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” started as a Canadian Halloween special? We’ve got a lot of horrifying tidbits to regale you with this time around, all you have to do is agree with us.

Halloween is such a special time of year that many of the TV specials we all grew up with have become standard viewing for this time of year, it’s just a shame we can’t watch them year-round. This has been a controversial topic in the past, so don’t wait to have your opinion heard. Let us know which Halloween specials scared you the most so we can all be scaredy-cats together!

Garfield TV Halloween Specials

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