Grab your oversized shoes, red nose, and rainbow wig, this episode is completely dedicated to clowning around! To abate our fears of IT, Ch. 2 coming out this week, J and Q decided to head to the circus and spend some time with the movie characters meant to bring us joy: clowns. Weirdly enough, it turns out clowns are still scary, so we must survive the night in the abandoned carnival and come up with the Top 5 Movie Clowns of all time list!

Hear stories about when we first encountered clowns at young ages and which of us was scarred for life. Learn which host always wears a clown suit under his clothes, “just in case”. Dive with us into psychotic, otherworldly, alcoholic, and sympathetic clown portrayals in film and join us in never sleeping again!

Killer Klown Clown

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