On this week’s very special episode, we decided to focus on what makes watching movies great, instead of watching great movies. Q and J are avid fans of seeing movies in the theater and with the increased presence of comfy chairs, movie parties, good food, and special screenings, there’s no better time to get your butt out of the house and actually see a film how the director wanted it to be seen. This week we’re giving you the Top 5 Reasons to Still See a Movie in the Theater!

Listen to Q and J recount embarrassing memories of first dates, awkward ways to leave a theater, and our favorite food choices, while also hearing in-depth discussions on how the culture around seeing movies has changed in our lifetimes. Learn who and what you should be doing during a screening of Mr. Bean and why Q was on the news for seeing Titanic in the theater. It’s a discussion you don’t want to miss, so join J and Q as they talk about movies while watching Hobbs and Shaw.

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