It’s time to go back………to the future……and the past….and maybe the future again…right now! Join Q & J & Doc for a time traveling adventure as they are transported to the future when ideas and facts have been made definitive and then returned to tell you, faithful listener, the absolute best Time Travel movies of all…….time. By the time Joseph Gordon-Levitt has grown up into Bruce Willis, or, Bruce Willis has grown up into Bruce Willis with a blond wig, you’ll be primed to have an excellent podcast adventure.

Not only that, but the guys talk about their (honest-to-God) favorite sponsor…….and some of their second favorites as well, recast a Hollywood favorite and talk about boooobs. It’s time to enable your flux capacitor and wrap your head around the concept of time itself, because where we’re going, we don’t need roads, and you don’t need any other podcast. Because we are the best. Seriously. The best.

Note: This episode is legitimately sponsored by, we love those guys and you should check out their stuff and rub it on your face.