With shows like RoseanneTwin PeaksWill & Grace, and more making their celebrated returns to TV in 2017-2018, J & Q decided it was time, once and for all, to figure out why we’re seeing this revival trend and what makes for a great tv show revival series. We’re not talking reboots, so you can take your Hawaii 5-Os and your Dynastys and shut the fuck up, Randy!! Our lively discussion is capped by the creation of the definitive list of the Top 5 Best TV Show Revival Series of all time, which you will respect.

Join us as we tell each other what we’ve been watching lately, and hear what Q thought of Ready Player One. You’ll also get to hear J’s Southern Trump impression and join the guys for the very first (of many) Marsden Minutes, where we express our love for Jason Marsden. It’s a packed episode, but we make it more enjoyable than breaking an egg on your head and burying it in the sea. Won’t you join us?

Arrested Development Season 4

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