We all lose things (keys, marbles, lunches, bowels), and with all the memories we have of amazing Bill Murray movies, it’s easy to forget that there was a period of time when he wasn’t the cultural landmark that he is now, a lost period, if you will. The time period we are talking about is 1993 through roughly 1999. You’re probably thinking to yourself “Q and J, you guys are crazy, I’ve ALWAYS loved Bill Murray,” and you are probably right, but have you seen Mad Dog & Glory? What about Larger Than Life or With Friends Like These…? Did you even remember he was in Wild Things and Cradle Will Rock? Of course you haven’t/didn’t, that’s why High Five: The Podcast has lovingly named this period “Bill Murray’s Lost Years.” On Part 2 of our Bill Murray love-fest trilogy of episodes, J & Q dive into these movies lost to time and memory to see what was going on and which movies, if any, stand the test of time (Spoiler Alert: Space Jam certainly does).

Bill Murray Space Jam