What do you do when the only good way to review a movie is to hop a plane and fly to Wakanda? We’ll tell you what Q, J and A do, they get their asses to the land of T’Challa and have one of their most in-depth discussions about a movie yet. Find out which of the three reviewers liked the movie and even which ones have it ranked in their Top MCU films of all time list. Trust us, this is a conversation you don’t want to miss and one that may surprise you on some accounts.

Once we’ve drained the well of Black Panther talk, we settle down to look into our crystal balls and predict the winners of this Sunday’s Academy Award ceremony. Will Guillermo del Toro sweep the main categories? Does Get Out even have a chance at a golden statue? Find out on the highly respected, most anticipated Oscar podcast episode of the whole year. The episode Meryl Street called “How did you get this email address?” Don’t miss it! You’ll want the gift bag, trust us.

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