In this very special episode, Q takes his girls to see Cats and somehow doesn’t get arrested for child abuse! Instead, he recorded a movie review episode with them. J hasn’t heard it yet, so instead he looked up a cat puns blog and is going to try and shove as many of them into this description as possible.

The purr-fect place to start any movie review and really dig your claws in is by looking through the night-vision eyes of kittens who are experiencing it for the fur-st time. A movie this bad may make you cat-atonic, but the pawsome conversation of Q and his litter will make you fur-get the nightmarish CGI, and the clawful purr-formance of Taylor Swift. So, pull up a litter box and sniff some catnip and let’s listen to this great episode together right Meow!

Cats movie gif

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