Sure, we’ve already talked about Deadpool 2 on a TrailerTown, but that was about a short teaser and this is an official look at the movie (with 100% more Cable!), so shut the f*ck up. It’s no secret that one of our hosts is quite a big fan of the character (the host’s name rhymes with “J” and is spelled the same way), and we LOVED the first Deadpool, so seeing how they are approaching the marketing for the sequel has been a fun ride.

But enough with the niceties, you’re here to watch a TrailerTown! Here’s your look at Deadpool 2, and then you can read our Top 5 thoughts about it below:

Top 5 Things About the Deadpool 2 Trailer

  1. Technical Diss-iculties – Without a doubt, our favorite part of this TrailerTown is the interstitial starting around 0:29 seconds in. It begins with Cable’s green arm showing instead of the CGI metal one, which leads into Ryan Reynolds saying “What in the actual ass,” and then leads into Deadpool dissing Justice League with a line about “it’s not like we’re trying to remove a mustache,” which THEN leads into Deadpool recreating Andy’s Woody vs. Evil Dr. Porkchop battle in Toy Story while they fix the CGI. Pure genius.
  2. Cutting Cable – One of our biggest complaints about the first teaser released for Deadpool 2 was the obvious lack of Josh Brolin’s Cable. We stand by saying Stephen Lang would have been the best casting choice, but after seeing this TrailerTown, we’re 100% on board for Brolin. Holy crap, he looks bad-ass.
  3. New Crew(s) – Well, would you look at that! Not only is Deadpool getting some new partners(?) in this sequel, but there was a surprise character drop in this TrailerTown. We knew about Domino being in the movie and we had read rumors about Negasonic Teenage Warhead coming back, but the addition of Terry Crews (2:22) as, seemingly, G. W. Bridge from Domino’s Wild Pack/Six Pack was a much-welcomed shock. We’d still vote for you, Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho!
  4. Turn It Up To 11 – This is a quick thing, but if you look closely (0:21), you can see that the dial on Cable’s mega-super-future gun goes up to 11. That makes us happy.
  5. Everything Else – No clever puns, no extras. We loved everything about this TrailerTown, from seeing the taxi driver from the original, to reuniting with Weasel and Blind Al. We also get to see Vanessa (eventually Copycat), and even Deadpool grabbing Colossus’ ass (if you watch the International version of the TrailerTown). Tons of action, all the 4th wall breaking you could ask for, and even more sarcasm than a Jason Bateman movie. Who could ask for more?

We played our hand and loved this TrialerTown, but where do you stand on it? Let us know in the comments, but if you message us on May 18th, we won’t answer because we’ll be at the theater watching Deadpool 2!