You said we couldn’t do it; you said we’d never make it. Well, guess what, MOM, we did it, we reached 100 EPISODES! On this very special celebration, Q & J invite their famous friends to join them as they talk the movies and shows that inspired us all growing up. Don’t miss special appearances by Christopher Walken, George Lucas, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, but more importantly, we finally got our hands on Jason Marsden and forced politely asked him to be our co-host!

We’re not even lying, Jason Marsden (That Guy from That Show) joins us in The Writer’s Room for a sprawling conversation about the movie industry, the shows that inspired aspects of our personality, and a whole lot of jokes. He also contributes to the last-ever #MarsdenMinute and helps us decide on a new victim gracious recipient of our attention.

Trust us, you don’t want to miss this one. Just sit back and let us shove some awesome in your ears!

100 episodes

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