Never before in the history of film has there been a universe of movies as expansive as the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or, MCU, to cool people). The logistical and technical feats necessary to pull off everything that followed Iron Man is damn near a miracle. So, Q and J will honor that achievement by getting drunk and condensing it all into the Top 5 Marvel (Phase 1 & 2) movies of all time. Take that, Feige!

Meanwhile….the guys take a break to hear from their favorite super sponsors and come up with their own superhero origin stories on the very first Origin Porridge. Is there an after-credits scene? Did Iron Man 2 make it onto either list? (HAHAHA, no.) Are the kids at Dolph FUNdgren’s Happy Time Arcade in true danger? Find out on this super episode of High Five: The Podcast…unless your arch-nemesis, personal hygiene, won’t let you.