You know what they say, when the J’s away, H and Q will watch classic cartoon-based comedies from the 80s! That old saying rings true as this week J may or may not be dead, kidnapped, or off on a life-changing Malta-based haberdashery outreach. Q grabs Show Friend H and introduces her to the 1980 Robin Williams classic Popeye. They talk spinach, what a man what a man what a mighty good man Popeye is, and whether a baby gets murdered or not.

When they aren’t talking about how much they miss J and how horrendously written Olive Oyl is, they deep dive into a discussion of diseases, what constitutes being an X-MAN, and psychic song prediction…like seriously, what’s going on with that? Kick back with an all-new #MarsdenMinute pitching Jason Marsden’s latest hair-based business endeavor. So grab your corncob pipe and strap in for an all-new episode that critics have called “People are still talking about Popeye?

Robin Williams Popeye

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