Sometimes, even seasoned film experts like J & Q can be surprised by things life throws at us. More specifically, we can be surprised by things The Rock throws at us with his massive arms. Even more specifically, we were surprised by how much fun The Rock throwing his fake leg at us in Skyscraper with his massive arms was. This is the highest we’ve ever been, scaling the side of the world’s tallest building with Dwayne “You Can Call Me ‘The Rock’ This One Last Time” Johnson with duct tape on our hands and feet. Just like his plans to assess the safety of The Pearl goes awry, our plans to Spoil Rotten The Rock’s latest venture were blown up in the sky and replaced with a super fun movie.

You may think, “Oh, Skyscraper‘s just a Die Hard and Towering Inferno rip-off,” but let us tell you why it’s not (or why it is and it doesn’t matter).  Also, you have to listen to hear the latest #MarsdenMinute for the latest news. Finally, we give you the definitive Top 5 “The Rock” Movies of all time list. High Five loves who? That’s right, High Five loves you, Dwayne.

Best The Rock Movies

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