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Expecting Horror in 2018

The world of horror has been absolutely thriving this year with only more to come, and by the looks of it the rest of 2018 is going to be very fulfilling for those who had lost faith in the theatrical movies of the genre. With the overwhelming and surprising success of John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place released earlier this month (his debut horror film, keep an eye on this man) we can one hundred percent expectA Quiet Place horror 2018 to see bigger and better on the horizon for horror. But what exactly is it going to take to see these movies thrive? What is it going to take to see more creative films on the big screen rather than the shitty remakes we’ve lost faith in 3 sequels ago? What can we expect to see that’s different in the near future?

Let’s take it back to 2007, to a huge leap for low-budget horror with the release of Paranormal Activity. This was virtually unlike anything anyone had ever seen. With a very slim budget of $15,000 we saw that a good idea and better execution can completely change the game for horror itself. Think about it, what Paranormal Activity Horrorcame right after Paranormal Activity? That’s right, Insidious was released in theatres in 2010, and shortly following came the Conjuring franchise. Directors and producers saw an opportunity and zoned in on what was scaring people at the moment, and built off of it. Ghosts are scary right now? Okay boom, here are two franchises with big-budget companies for your entertainment. That being said, we can already see a trend between movies like Get Out, Mama!, and A Quiet Place, Psychological horror that doesn’t need buckets gore and a sickening jump scares to create a dark and uncomfortable environment for the audience.

What’s even more surprising about this year is the amount of horror and big-budget we have seen in such a short amount of time. IT and the IT sequel scheduled for release in late 2019 are just two of the literal HUGE budget horror that has seen incredible success and following over this year. Alongside the 90’s hit being revisited, cult favorites like Suspiria and beloved movies such as Halloween is also making its way back to theatres, again with a heftier budget and more hands-on writing from past directors and people who had a hand in the original movies themselves. All these 80’s babies want to see their favorite movies in a new light, and we can expect to see handfuls more over the next few years. But are we even complaining?

Halloween 2018 horror

Basically what we will be seeing over the next few years is more hard-core shock factor when it comes to psychological horror, and exploring different types of emotional horror with directors like Jordan Peele being in the spotlight for Get Out, and director Robert Eggers still due for some more action. We can also anticipate a generous helping of sequels, and the year isn’t even over. Where’s my wig?


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