What do you get when you cross two podcasters, two of their friends, early screener passes to The Happytime Murders, and some microphones? You probably thought we were going to say Dark Crystal, but you’d be wrong! You get a Spoiled Rotten review of The Happytime Murders that is sure to knock you off your puppeteer’s arm! On this special, overcrowded episode, Q and J invite their friends Michael Schupbach and Sean Cathey to join them as they discuss the newest, most adult, venture by any Henson production to-date. Michael and Sean have first-hand experience in the fields of puppets and animatronics, so they are way smarter than us when it comes to whether or not The Happytime Murders gets it right.

When we aren’t spoiling puppet labia and the lack of felt penises in The Happytime Murders, we discuss the other films that ruined childhood ideals and come up with a collective Top 5 Movies That Ruined Our Childhoods list. We also have a very special #JennaJabber that may or may not involve puppets. You’ll just have to listen to find out more, but trust us, this will be more fun than seeing a puppet ejaculate Silly String…or at least AS fun as that.

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