Missing High Five: The Podcast? We miss YOU! So, while we are on a short High Five: Hiatus in between Season 1 and the upcoming (Feb. 3rd) 2nd Season debut, we would like you to enjoy one of our now widely renowned and highly sought after episodes. Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this episode…..”High Five: Hiatus Replay: The Fear Cauldron”

BOO! Did we scare you? Good. With Halloween a mere six months away, Q & J decided it was time to dive into the scariest movies ever made. Get ready to scream when all the horrors of the night dig out of their catacombs and wander the earth…right into the High Five Writer’s Room. These are the undisputed reigning terrors of the cinematic screen, and if you disagree, we’ll lock you in a bathroom with the Princess Bride.

Along the way, the guys take a break to hear from their favorite sponsors and dive into the rhetoric of one of the world’s most evil villains: Donald Trump. Did the movies that cause you to wet your pants make the list? Well get ready, get set, and get scared…like a bitch.

Dale and Tucker