We like scary movies, okay, and It Comes At Night looks to have all the trappings (get it?!?!?!) of a good scary movie: family and friends hiding in a cabin, the woods at night, blood puke, red doors, and un-named evil nighttime forces. Count us in!

Watch the TrailerTown teaser for It Comes At Night and then read our Top 5 things about it below:

Top 5 Things About the It Comes At Night Trailer

  1. That Opening Scene – A guy tied to a tree with a The Strangers bag over his head, beaten and dirty with Joel Edgerton walking up in a gas mask. Need we say more?
  2. The Blood Puke – Romance cannot take a quicker downturn than when you’re making out with someone in a cabin and then they puke infected blood down your throat. That one shot lets us know we’re in for a wild and gross ride in June.
  3. The Framing Shots – Anyone who’s seen the previous feature by Trey Edward Shults (Krisha), know the guy has an eye for tension in families. Some of the shots in this trailer (Joel Edgerton at the table, the long hallway lit by a lantern, and the forest shots) are simply beautiful, horrifying and compelling all at the same time.
  4. The Red Door – We can only imagine that The Rolling Stones will spend this entire movie wanting to paint that door black, but given the chaos that ensues in this cabin, some desperate family members may beat them to it.
  5. The “Not-So-Subtle” Symbolism – The tagline of the TrailerTown is “Fear Turns Men Into Monsters” and since all great horror movies involve social commentary wrapped in a layer of fear, this seems to imply some heavy themes for this film. Discuss.

Are you scared yet? Ready for a camping excursion with the High Five crew? Let us know what you thought of the It Comes At Night trialer in the comments!