Few movies leave a lasting impression on kids of the 90s like Dumb & Dumber, and J & Q are no exception. You can guess that this episode is pretty much just them quoting lines and scenes of their shared #1 from the Top 5 90s Comedies episode, and you’d be right, but it’s oh, so much more than that (“Kick their ass, Seabass!”). During the course of this episode, we dive into the filmography of the Brothers Farrelly, and somehow, Bob Odenkirk (“I just thought he was really quiet.”). We also point out little-known cameos in the film and try to make sense of what a funeral parlor comedy starring Brendan Fraser and Gary Oldman would look like (“Don’t you go dyin’ on me!”). It might not appear like there’s a lot to talk about with this quintessential film, but Charlton Heston would disagree with you, so would we, so give the newest Jinxies sleepover a listen and add your favorite Dumb & Dumber moments in the comments (“So you’re telling me there’s a chance.”).

Dumb and Dumber Ketchup