The Empire Strikes Back is one of Q and J’s favorite movies, but you’d never really know it listening to the newest Jinxies episode. Maybe it’s the sugar from the snacks or just that the guys are up WAY past their bedtimes for another slumber party, but they are loving making jokes tonight at Han Solo’s expense. After sharing Star Wars: Episode V as their #1 intergalactic outing in their top 5 Space Movies episode, the guys dive into why kicking George Lucas to the curb was the best choice and digging too deep into the industriousness of snow monsters. Also, find out why Yoda is really just a homeless old troll and not a Jedi master like you thought (noob). It’s time to find out who your real Daddy is and fall in love with Boba Fett all over again. Grab your onesies and get ready for lightsabers and backstabbing.

Empire Strikes Back