In 1995, Mallrats gave us all a snapshot and time capsule for what the experience of hanging out at all mall could be like. Sure, it was heightened through the Kevin Smith View Askew filter, but watching it now brings back memories of SunCoast Videos, pet stores, skating rinks, and unrequited loves. Q & J celebrate this shared #1 from our Top 5 Mall Movies episode by sneaking into the abandoned mall by the house you grew up in, setting up shop in the closed Sunglass Hut, hoarding remains from China Express and Auntie Anne’s, and diving into what made this cartoonish movie so great. We swoon over a young Michael Rooker, lament the loss of our great hangouts, and realized underneath all its small-minded men, Mallrats may be a strong feminist perspective on the 1990s. So, great your Carpet Munchers gift cards and head down to Eden Prairie with TS, Brodie, J, and Q to relive this consumerism classic!

Magic Eye Mallrats