Antione Fuqua really came onto the scene with his 2001 film Training Day (no one really counts his Usher Live films). Not only did the film better introduce the world to Ethan Hawke, but it gave us a glimpse of Denzel Washington at his evilest, winning him an Oscar in the process. During this Jinxies sleepover, Q & J take a deep look into what made this film such a success, and why it was their shared #1 on the Top 5 Denzel Washington Movies episode. Take a ride with the most corrupt hosts in the podcast neighborhood while they get wet, hoard blenders, and claim to be movie monsters from the 1930s. Did you ever notice that it’s possible Denzel Washington’s Alonzo may not even be a cop? Did you ever think about how this movie is connected to a Shia LaBeouf art piece where he stabs homeless men in alleyways? Well, question no longer, as J & Q dive into all of that, while still managing to be home to Eva Mendes for dinner.

Denzel Training Day