What do talking cans of vegetables, Ronald Reagan shitting on a diorama, crashing space ships, and a sci-fi musical called Electro-City have in common? They’re all normal Summer camp experiences, as portrayed in the documentary Wet Hot American Summer. Sign up for fun activities, like arts & crafts, science club, sweater fondling, and more all at Camp Firewood, as Q and J explore the whole Summer camp experience and why Wet Hot American Summer has become a cult classic and ended up on the top of both our Top 5 Summer Camp Movies list. We run the gamut, talking about not only the core movie but also the two Netflix series and the making of documentary, Hurricane of Fun. There are so many characters, it’s hard to pick a favorite, which is why we each have 7 favorites each, don’t worry, we brought enough dick cream for everyone. It’s the last day of Summer, and there’s a lot to cover, so join us in our bunk and we relive our youths in this very special Jinxies.

Gene Fridge Wet Hot American Summer