Sometimes movies suck. Sometimes, movies suck so bad you create an entirely new type of episode of your podcast about how much they suck. Justice League sucks that second kind of suck. From the conversation started in last week’s episode, Q & J sit down to talk plot details, holes, and spoilers about the most recent Zack Snyder disappointment, given that Q has seen it and J has not. Truths will be revealed, tears will be spilled, and no one in a thousand miles will be surprised by how poorly Justice League did in theaters. It’s a no holds barred, knock down, drag out super team up in which one side (J & Q) joins together against all odds to battle an unspeakable evil (Henry Cavill’s uncanny lip). We’re warning you one last time, this episode is FULL. OF. SPOILERS (hence the title). You should totally listen to it.

Justice League Sucks

(we’re aware for some reason Spider-Man is in this gif. We can’t explain it either and know it is wrong)