Before you say it, yes Skyscraper will probably be an over-CGI’d, illogically-plotted, nonsense Summer action movie with ‘splosions. We know it and you know it. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t a wee bit excited to watch another The Rock over-CGI’d, illogically-plotted, nonsense Summer action movie with ‘splosions. You can’t eat fine caviar for every meal, every now and then you need a little cake and ice cream.

See what we mean by watching this TrailerTown for the new Dwayne “Used to be The Rock” Johnson action movie and then check out our Top 5 thoughts about it below:

Top 5 Things About the Skyscraper Trailer

  1. Rock Hard – Have you ever wanted to watch Die Hard where Bruce Willis is played by Dwayne “I’m Trying to Get Away from The Rock” Johnson and doesn’t have marital problems? It looks like this is your movie! What with all the guns, pseud0-European baddies, and tall buildings, this should be a lot of fun.
  2. Swiss Army Leg – It seems an odd choice to give Dwayne “I’m a Serious Actor, Please Stop with All The Rock Stuff” Johnson a fake leg in this movie…..that is until you see all the nifty ways it comes in to save his life. Whether he’s using it to dangle from a building or to stop a blast door from closing, Dwayne really gets a….leg up on the bad guys (get it?!?!?!).
  3. Pearl Harder – So, this Skyscraper kind of looks pretty awesome. From what this TrailerTown gives away, it looks like a very technologically-advanced living/working/loving ecology. If we’re to believe this preview, Dwayne “The Rock Has Left the Kitchen” Johnson is being brought in to assess the safety of this one-of-a-kind building when things go wrong, basically adding a Jurassic Park meets Dredd vibe to the whole thing, and those are vibes we can get behind.
  4. Got Tape? – Dude. Dude. There’s a scene in this movie where Dwayne “The Yin to Kevin Hart’s Yang” Johnson wraps duct tape around his hands and feet and then spackles himself to the side of the titular skyscraper. Tom Cruise, eat your heart out.
  5. Neve Gonna Give You Up – Behind every strong action hero is a strong horror movie icon, and this movie proves to be no different. It was a nice surprise to see Neve Campbell show up as Dwayne “I’ve Had a Longer Career as an Actor than I Ever Did as a Wrestler, Let’s Use My Real Name Now” Johnson’s wife. We’re hoping they sidestep the whole Women in Refrigerators/Damsel in Distress aspect of this story and allow Neve to be a badass (2:15), but we’ll just have to wait to see.

So, will you be jumping from a supercrane into the theater to see this movie, or are you going to wait until you can duct tape yourself up at home and watch it? Let us know in the comments!