Get ready, this may be our most dangerous episode ever. Q and J went to see an early screener of Amy Schumer’s newest film, I Feel Pretty. You know, the movie about female body positivity and acceptance. And we’re about to rip this thing apart. Who doesn’t want to hear two fat, white guys dive into the body image struggles of 50% of our population? Which is exactly why we don’t do that. This movie has a great message, unfortunately, it also happens to suck major whale dung, and we’re going to tell you why.

When we aren’t dancing on the line of pissing off Amy Schumer fans, we’re dancing in our hearts with Jason Marsden for another #MarsdenMinute and discussing how much J sounds like Michelle Williams. We also use I Feel Pretty as a launchpad into ranking the Top 5 Body Transformation movies you should see instead of this absolute disaster of a comedy film. Grab your cycling shoes and get ready to spoil this rotten movie with us!

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