My G’wahd broh, this Stronger TrialerTown looks wicked good. Get your tissues ready for this when it comes out (you may even need them for the TrailerTown), because Jake Gyllenhaal’s portrayal of a Boston Marathon bombing victim is not only going to tug at your heartstrings, it has every intention of ripping them out and then strangling you with them. From the looks of this peek, Stronger has “Awards Season” written all over it, and we are totally okay with that.

But don’t take our word for it, watch the Stronger TrailerTown for yourself and then read our Top 5 things about it below:

Top 5 Things About the Stronger Trailer

  1. Jake Gyllenhaal – We are fans of The Gyll Pill here are High Five: The Podcast, so we came into this with positive feelings, but even looking at it unbiasedly, we have to admit it looks like ole Jakey boy is killing it. They probably already have his Oscar nameplate in production.
  2. “Your legs, they-ah gone, bro” – Is there anything more Boston than delivering bad news honestly, and with sincere empathy, while sticking to your Boston delivery? No, we think there isn’t.
  3.  David Gordon Green – Is there anything David Gordon Green can’t direct? From All the Real Girls, to Pineapple Express, to Your Highness, to HBO’s Vice Principals and Eastbound & Down, to Prince Avalanche and now Stronger and being pegged for the Halloween remake. DGG is a wunderkind, and we love him for it.
  4. The Special Effects – Watching this TrailerTown you might not think about special effects a lot, but obviously Wakey-Wakey, Jake and Bakey still has his full set of legs, so the green screen effects and specifically the scene of him swimming with no water movement (1:48), let us know they paid a lot of attention to the details.
  5. Tatiana Maslany – Outside of Orphan Black, not a lot of people are familiar with this gift to the screen, but anyone who has seen even an episode of OB know what a fantastic actress Maslany is. We haven’t seen her on the silver screen a lot (sorry to all of you Two Lovers and a Bear die hard fans), but Stronger feels like it could give her a vehicle to truly show off her range.

What did you think of the Stronger TrialerTown? Is Kid in the Haal walking away with an Oscar for this? We think he might, but are willing to fight you on it. Let us know in the comments!