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Beginner’s Guide to High Five: The Podcast

Dec 5th, 2019 Bonus Features J

Welcome one and all to High Five: The Podcast! We are humbled and delighted that you’ve found us and whether you’re a new listener, someone who found us through our Benevolent Overlords at Project-Nerd, or a long-time Fiver that just wants to relive the good ol’ days of your favorite episodes, we are glad you’re here. In our episode High Fiving Ourselves (Top 5 High Five…


Episode 150: Two Guys One Coffin (Top 5 Single-Location Movies)

Nov 29th, 2019 Episodes J

What do Matthew Broderick, Colin Farrell making a long distance call, and jazz harmonica Bruce Willis have to do with movies that take place in a single location? You’ll have to listen to our all new episode to find out! We travel from the classics like 12 Angry Men and My Dinner with André all the way to newer gems like Green Room and Coherence….

High Five Rebeatquel

Episode 149: Return of the Rebeatquel: The Rebootening (Top 5 Rebeatquels)

Nov 22nd, 2019 Episodes J

You’ve seen it all before. And then you saw the sequel…and then again when they rebooted it, but have you seen it again, basically like the first time, but slightly different with younger people? Probably. That’s because the Era of the Rebeatquel (Reboot + Sequel + Repeat) is upon us. J and Q want to better understand why we’ve living in a perpetually updated sequel,…


Episode 148: High Fiving Ourselves (Top 5 High Five Episodes)

Nov 15th, 2019 Episodes J

Now that our Halloween series is over, it’s time to catch up with ourselves and prepare for the rest of 2019. Q and J spend some time after Q’s wedding talking about what we’ve been watching lately and how our self-love is related to our movie watching habits. Honestly, there’s probably too much talk about self-love on this episode. We end with a definite Beginner’s Guide…

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Episode 144: Big Mouths (NYCC Big Mouth Interview)

Oct 11th, 2019 Episodes J

Get ready for a time-jumping, foul-mouthed, and con-hopping good time as Q regales J with his experiences at New York Comic Con this past weekend. In part 1 of our NYCC recap episodes, the guys talk Netflix’s Big Mouth and Q takes us back in time to experience the panel interview he attended with Nick Kroll, Jason Mantzoukas, and Jesse Klein! Hear them answer all…

Best DCEU Movies

Episode 142: DCEwwwwww (Top 5 DC Extended Universe Movies)

Sep 20th, 2019 Episodes J

Travel back in time with us to the long-ago time before there was a DC Extended Universe. That’s right, the historical year 2013! Starting with Man of Steel, the all-knowing executives at DC began pumping out movies like they were Fazoli’s franchises, and just like Fazoli’s franchises, once you get in the door, you get pretty sick to your stomach. Q and J put on…

Best John Carpenter Movies

Episode 141: Carpenter Ghosts (Top 5 John Carpenter Movies)

Sep 13th, 2019 Episodes J

Now that grocery stores around the country have told us that Halloween season has started, J and Q are celebrating by kicking off our “Here Comes Halloween Director’s Series”! Every other week until our Halloween episode, we will be doing a career retrospective on a trailblazing horror director. We’re kicking off this year’s festivities with a Q and J favorite: John Carpenter! Not only will…

Movie Clowns

Episode 140: Send in the Clowns (Top 5 Movie Clowns)

Sep 6th, 2019 Episodes J

Grab your oversized shoes, red nose, and rainbow wig, this episode is completely dedicated to clowning around! To abate our fears of IT, Ch. 2 coming out this week, J and Q decided to head to the circus and spend some time with the movie characters meant to bring us joy: clowns. Weirdly enough, it turns out clowns are still scary, so we must survive…

Best Jeff Goldblum Movies

Episode 139: Goldblum Goes the Dynamite (Top 5 Jeff Goldblum Movies)

Aug 30th, 2019 Episodes J

You love him. We love him. It’s a shame and a shock that we haven’t already done an episode dedicated to him. So, this week, Q and J are finally dusting off their best impressions and spending the entire episode talking about the wonder and gift that is Jeff Goldblum. And of course, we are wrapping up the episode with the definitive list of the…

best rick and morty episodes

Episode 137: Quick and Jorty (Top 5 Rick and Morty Episodes)

Aug 16th, 2019 Episodes J

It was only a matter of *burp* time before J and Q would get around to dedicating an entire episode to Rick and Morty, and *burp* the time has finally come. In anticipation of the upcoming Rick and Morty season 4 (November 18, 2019), Q and J pour themselves stolen bowls of Eyeholes cereal and freshen up on our Plumbus owner’s manual before settling in…