2019 Oscar Talk

Episode 119: Ramblin’ Men (Top 5 Whatevers of Whatever)

Feb 22nd, 2019 Episodes J

Sometimes we just like to talk, ya know? On this week’s episode, J and Q don’t come with a pre-planned topic and dive into industry news, upcoming movies, trailer talk, and more! You want 2019 Oscar talk? You got it! You want bad impressions? You got ’em! You want harrowing realizations of bad life choices and inflated podcast egos? You got ’em! We eventually get…

The Oscars

Episode 31 – And Other Stuff Too: The Oscars

Mar 3rd, 2017 And Other Stuff Too J

And the Academy Award goes to…..La La Lan…….oh, wait…..it’s High Five: The Podcast!! Yeah, that’s an easy joke, but we made it, so shut up. J & Q sneak into the (newly-fired) PricewaterhouseCopper(s) empty office to dive into the biggest Oscars clusterfuck in history to bring you their thoughts on the annual awards show and what it means to each your humble hosts. Here’s a…