Con Artist Movies

Episode 132: Con Men (O-Con Recap & Top 5 Con Artist Movies)

Jul 12th, 2019 Episodes J

What do the Spanish Prisoner, the Baltimore Stockbroker, the Grandma’s Knuckle, and the High Five Living Room have in common? That’s right, they are all words written in the sentence previous to this one! Also, they’re all massive con jobs that have shaped how some people view the world. Join Q and J as they recap their many adventures at O-Con Expo 2019 and talk…

Best Almost Made Movies

Episode 131: Why Not!? (Top 5 Movies That Never Were)

Jun 21st, 2019 Episodes J

If we told you there was a Canon Pictures-helmed Spider-Man movie, licensed officially from Marvel, about a mutant man-turned-spider (think The Fly) that leads a mutant revolution against the sadistic doctors that created him, would you want to see that movie? Of course you would! We would too, which is why Q and J were bummed to find out that although that movie almost got…

Worst Movie Dads

Episode 130: Daddy Issues (Top 5 Worst Movie Dads)

Jun 14th, 2019 Episodes J

Listen here, young Fiver. As long as you stream under our roof, you’ll stream by our rules. Don’t touch the thermostat! Don’t test us, because if you do, you might force Q and J to do things that would land them on the Top 5 Worst Movie Dads list. And with the people that ended up making the cut, that’s really saying something. Join us…

Best X-Men Movies

Episode 129: X-Men: Podcast of Movies Past (Top 5 X-Men Movies)

Jun 7th, 2019 Episodes J

Across the planet, the debate rages; are Mutants the next link in the evolutionary chain, or simply a new episode topic for High Five: The Podcast fighting for their place in the world? In honor of the release of Dark Phoenix, J and Q are doing a full X-Men movie retrospective episode! We’ll be discussing every film in the franchise (yes, even X-Men Origins: Wolverine)…

Best Musical Biopics

Episode 128: We’re With the Band (Top 5 Musical Biopics)

May 31st, 2019 Episodes J

It’s not easy portraying massively-famous rock legends. Just ask Q and J, we pretend to be famous podcasters every week! With the release of Taron Egerton’s latest, Rocketman, we decided to plug in our amps and really dive into what makes a good musical biopic. How important is the music? What about the lead actor? How much lip syncing should be involved? We answer these…

Avengers Endgame

Episode 127: Fivengers, Assemble!

May 17th, 2019 Episodes J

We are inevitable. Even though Q thought by dusting J in our last episode he could move forward and take over the world, he was sorely mistaken. Not only does J return to talk Avengers: Endgame with Q, he brings along the rest of the Fivengers, Amanda and Haley, to do battle in the biggest review episode we’ve had yet! Join us as we figure…

Marvel MCU

Episode 126: The Marvel-ous Mr. Maisels

Apr 26th, 2019 Episodes J

It’s finally here, the comic culmination of over a decade of Marvel movies. Today officially marks the release day of Q and J discussing the entire MCU Infinity Saga!! Oh, and that Avengers: Endgame movie comes out too. Even though it’s pretty annoying that Kevin Feige and Marvel are releasing their competing property on the same day as our episode release, it does give us…

Best Urban Legends Movies

Episode 125: Legendary Status (Top 5 Movies Based on Urban Legends)

Apr 19th, 2019 Episodes J

Have you heard the one about the babysitter where the call was coming from inside the house? What about the one about eating Pop Rocks and Coke together? Even better, have you heard the one about Q and J recording a whole podcast about the Top 5 Movies Based on Urban Legends? I swear that last one’s true, my sister’s boyfriend’s Aunt’s roommate listened to…

Best Stop Motion Movies

Episode 124: Walk This Clay (Top 5 Stop Motion Animated Movies)

Apr 12th, 2019 Episodes J

With the release of Laika’s newest stop motion magic trick (The Missing Link) sailing into theaters this week, Q and J decided to spend some time talking about the art form that is the Stop Motion Feature. How do humans with nothing more than clay and a lot of free time make inanimate objects come to life and what happens when we make movies with…

Best Stephen King Movies

Episode 123: Pod Sematary (Top 5 Stephen King Adaptations)

Apr 5th, 2019 Episodes J

Sometimes, pod is better, and this week J and Q prove that by floating on down and talking all things Stephen King. Today marks the official release of Kölsch and Widmyer’s remake of Pet Sematary, so we celebrate by going on a trip through history to visit King’s coke-addled 80s adventures, the 90s King dramas, and the ongoing Kingassainse to discuss which films worked, which…