For as long as your High Five hosts have been alive, network and cable television have dominated the airwaves. Then Netflix came onto the scene, and while movie distributors were shakin’ in their booties, TV execs were laughing and thinking they were untouchable. But NO MORE! In this episode, J & Q dive into the streaming service’s back-catalog to dig out the Top 5 Netflix Orginal Programming Shows. You’re going to want to fire up your queue before starting this episode because these are the best shows that Netflix has to offer, and if you haven’t watched them, people will laugh at you and not want to come to your birthday party.

When we aren’t talking about Netflix and all the great options on it, we stray wildly from our conversation to talk about how Hulu and Amazon Prime stack up, which upcoming shows we are most excited about, and then a whole bunch of other stuff that you will most definitely care about. Finally, Q & J partake in a rousing game of “Notflix” where they pitch similar-sounding monthly services that are most definitely not going to be as popular as Netflix (but may be more popular than Qwikster……ha, remember Qwikster?!?!?!). Will this episode be a 94% match for you? The only way to find out is to Netflix and Chill with us.

(Seriously, Qwikster was the worst…what were they thinking?)

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