They were ghosts the whole time. It’s a head in the box. This episode is all about the Top 5 Most Spoilery Movies Trailers of all time. There you go, we’ve just spoiled the best parts of your favorite things, just like the trailers we’ll be discussing in this all-new episode! Don’t you hate when you go to a movie and you’ve seen all the best parts already in the online trailer? We hate that too, which is why we’ve dedicated an entire episode to shaming those movies that do that to hopefully teach the rest of Hollywood a lesson. We’re looking at you, Terminator Salvation!

Join us as we talk about what makes a good trailer, what makes a bad trailer, and what our favorite toppings of oatmeal are. This episode is jam-packed with laughs, tears, pulled muscles, and (for some reason) threesomes with Matt Dillon. And you won’t believe how it ends!

Trailer Spoiler

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