If you listen to the show, you know it’s not uncommon for J & Q to frequently enter alternate dimensions and recast favorite movies with new actors and actresses in the main roles. This weekend, while watching the original Rankin-Bass The Year Without A Santa Claus, J and his wife decided to take a shot at recasting a scene-for-scene, live action version of the film. And, for you Internet know-it-alls out there, we are NOT discussing the 2006 live action made for TV version, which is horrendous, so you can put those comments to bed.

Now, whenever you watch this holiday classic, you can imagine these players in the roles. You’re welcome.

The Cast

Santa Claus – John Goodman

Santa Claus

John Goodman





This is probably the ONLY thing the 2006 live action movie did right. Casting Hollywood’s favorite uncle as Santa Claus, they hit the nail on the head. While the movie sucked, Goodman is the perfect Hollywood Santa and we’d love to see him singing and dancing while searching for Jingle and Jangle.

Mrs. Claus  – Helen Miran

Mrs Claus

Helen Mirren





Who else but Dame Mirren could pull off the poise and knowledge of The Year Without a Santa Claus’s Mrs. Claus? It’s true, her and Goodman may not be the same age, but that’s what Hollywood make-up magic is all about. Also, she has a beautiful singing voice, so she could easily carry the musical elements of the film.

Jingle the Elf – Josh Gad

Jingle Elf

Josh Gad





He can sing. He’s silly and elf-like. And he’s a hot commodity right now. We can’t think of anyone more suited for the musical mantle of Jingle the Elf than Josh Gad.

Jangle the Elf – Jeff Daniels

Jangle the Elf

Jeff Daniels





He’s proven he can succeed exponentially being part of a dumb duo, and who doesn’t want to see him singing and dancing his way to saving Christmas? You do, that’s right.

Snow Miser – Jason Segal

Snow Miser

Jason Segal





He can sing and dance (remember The Muppets?). You love him. And Jason could totally pull off the controlling, stubborn stance of Mr. White Christmas, Mr. Ten Below. Just imagine Jason singing and dancing to the following…..you’ll get it.

Heat Miser – Meatloaf

Heat Miser





So, obviously the build is right, but he’s got the voice chops to carry a tune, which is a plus when you’re singing about green Christmases. Also, he’s already pretty sweaty to boot, so that’s a plus. While you probably don’t need any help envisioning Meatloaf singing about his love for days above 60 degrees, here’s a video anyway.

Mr. Thistlewhite – Crispin Glover

Mr. Thistlewhite

Crispin Glover





No words are needed. This casting is perfect. The end.

Iggy Thistlewhite – Jacob Tremblay

Iggy Thistlewhite

Jacob Tremblay





Between his acting talents on display in Room and Before I Wake, this kid’s got the good stuff. Die his hair red and call it a day. We found our Iggy.

Southtown Mayor – Jeff Bridges

Southtown Mayor

Jess Bridges




Who could play a Southern curmudgeon-y Mayor, hell-bent on getting snow for Christmas and sing his way into your heart? That’s right, Mr. Crazy Heart himself. If you’ve ever seen Jeff Bridges pull off a southern man of power, you know this is the right choice.

– – –

So that’s it. Our all-star cast for the live action, scene for scene remake of Rankin-Bass’ The Year Without a Santa Claus. Do you agree? Who did we not think of? Comment below with your ideal casting choices.

Merry Christmas!