Here at High Five: The Podcast, we love the holidays. We love them so much, we wanted to celebrate with you throughout the entire holiday season. We thought, what better way to do that than completely take over people’s desktop computer backgrounds!

So, in honor of this festive time of year, we designed and developed unique desktop backgrounds representing the entire High Five Gang! Download your favorites and load them onto your computer. Or download them all and have them rotate throughout the entire joyous month!

The HighFiveMas Holiday Backgrounds


Quenton Wallpaper (Small)

Q loves everything claymation, Christmas, DC and Star Wars. His background takes place in the wondrous land of Qlaymotion, but watch out for those carnivore penguins!

Download the Full Background



Joey Background

J’s not going to like it if it doesn’t have Deadpool and Stephen King. Wait, are all those Pop! Vinyls? Dope.

Download the Full Background



Mia Background

Easily the most adorable of the High Five Hosts, Mia’s background had to be Kawaii as possible. Look at that penguin face! LOOK AT IT!!

Download the Full Background



Amanda Background

The Creative lead, the brains behind the holiday backgrounds, Amanda’s background is the sweater we all wish we were wearing right now.

Download the Full Background



Haley Background

Vintage grace, that’s Haley, but don’t let that smile fool you, you start talking smack about Christmas to Haley, you may just meet a Krampus-like fate.

Download the Full Background