There has been a bit of a horror renaissance lately. With Get Out getting a lot of awards attention and movies like The Witch and It Comes at Night bringing more indie voices into the horror landscape, we are getting a lot of great movies to add to our queues. And one of those films is definitely John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place. We love John Krasinski, but we have to admit, his other directorial efforts haven’t been that great, but after seeing this TrailerTown for A Quiet Place, in which he directs and co-stars with his wife Emily Blunt and has recently been chosen as an opening night film at the 2018 SXSW Film Fest, we are fully on board with seeing what he’s bringing to the (very quiet) table. The film follows some sort of apocalyptic event in which creatures drawn to sound have wiped out most life on the planet. We follow John, Emily, and family as they try to survive without making any noise.

Check out the TrailerTown here and then read our Top 5 thoughts about it below:

Top 5 Things About the A Quiet Place Trailer

  1. Blunt Objects – Our favorite part of this TrailerTown is the end. After setting up for nearly two minutes how dangerous it is to make noise, we see obviously-pregnant Emily Blunt climb into a bathtub to apparently give birth. Then, we see the first look at monster claws as they traipse up the wall behind her. Now, we all know how common screaming and crying is during giving birth in movies. This looks dire and we must know what happens.
  2. They Live! – We want monsters. We’re getting a bit tired of the bait-and-switch models of recent movies that promise monsters and then either don’t have monsters or those monsters turn out to be simply manifestations of human conditions. Come on, sometimes monsters are just real and scary and you have to run away from them (remember how much fun Tremors was?).
  3. Red Light District – Since this movie isn’t based on a book then it has the distinct right to claim the “string of red lights as a warning mechanism” as its own. Man, do we love the look of that. Set against the darkness of a bucolic setting, those red lights are super ominous. Love that set decoration!
  4. We Now Present to You… – It’s fun when you can see a husband and wife acting team put their skills to the test alongside each other. Individually, both John Krasinski and Emily Blunt have impressed us, but we’ve never seen what they can do together and we are excited to see if they are as talented together as they are alone.
  5. Footsteps in the Sand – Another concept we’ve never seen until this TrailerTown is the idea of creating sand paths in order to keep quiet while moving about. The premise of this movie is unique enough, but seeing how much the screenwriters (and production crew) have thought through the practicalities of surviving in a world where you can’t make noise is refreshing.

That’s our list. What do you like about this TrailerTown? Will you be silently heading to a theater in April to see it? Let us know!