High Five: The Podcast is the only movie podcast you’ll ever need! Your hosts J, Mia, and Cortney have created a podcast scientifically-engineered* for people who love to rank movies and other pop culture staples.

Don’t like putting things in order? Don’t worry, we talk about other stuff too. Heck, it’s in our tagline, sheesh. What kinds other stuff, you ask? Ever heard of a little thing called neuroscience? You have? Well, we don’t talk about that. Mostly we just talk ad nauseam about pop culture and our beautiful, burly, and bespectacled opinions on movies and TV, with a few fart jokes thrown in for good measure. Seems pretty simple, and it is. There may be thousands of other podcasts out there saying they do this, but according to our rankings, we are squarely in the Top 5.

So ask yourself…do you know what the top 5 best horror movies of all time are? What about the top 5 best video game consoles? At least you know what the top 5 movies featuring anthropomorphized animals are, right? No!?!  You will after becoming a devoted listener to High Five: The Podcast.

So join us, newly initiated FIVER, as we pledge allegiance to The United Empire of High Five!

*No scientists were harmed in the making of this podcast. Well…one scientist was harmed, but he was a jerk. 

High Five: The Hosts


J is an unabashed cinephile. He is also the most humble person on the face of the whole planet. He regularly dreams in 1.78:1 and is quite dedicated to his Raising Miranda fan fiction.Joey

While pretentious about his lists, he won’t hesitate to consider your suggestions and tell you why they are inaccurate. All the other Project-Nerd people get mad when he does that.

He can usually be found with his offspring and beautiful wife, or filming underground episodes of the cop drama Putin & Genitals with his main cohort Q, watching comedy specials with Cortney, or talking about video games with Mia. If he’s not there, look for the closest Guitar Hero set-up, bookstore, or anywhere with free wi-fi.


Mia surrounds herself in light, lace, layers, lore, and luscious libations. Whether she’s building her latest con suit or cosplay masterpiece, or traveling these United States sharing what exactly true self love can look like, Mia is a powerhouse personality.Mia

An avid reader and amateur seamstress, Mia weaves the most impressive yarns on each episode, especially making sure that the whole gang stays focused when putting together our definitive list.

Easily the most glamorous of all the High Five Hosts, Mia can be found giving both and J tips to bring out their cheekbones and how to beat those hard levels of Legend of Zelda. Multi-talented, she spends time interviewing celebrities for Project-Nerd, assisting both Vera Glass Imagery and Glam by Phy Beauty & Bridal, and modeling through TheEveryModel.com.


Cortney is a comedian, actress, and writer based out of Nashville, TN. She has worked as a stand up comedian for over four years and has traveled around the south and midwest to perform. She’s a regular at The Comedy Bar in Nashville and has participated in several comedy festivals such as The Savannah Comedy Festival, The Eastside Comedy Festival, Look Out Comedy Festival, BrokenRecord Comedy Festival, and the Midwest Queer Comedy Festival. She’s currently a student at The Second City for their sketch writing program.

In addition to High Five: The Podcast, she is a founding member of Murder She Joked, an improvised, “un-true” crime podcast, which can also be found on Project-Nerd. Cortney writes satire articles in her free time, and her work can be found on Points in Case, Flexx Mag, Two Ho Ho Ho’s, and Humor Darling.

She knows the entire lyrics to only five songs (one of which is All Star by Smash Mouth), and has strong opinions about onions (she doesn’t like them).

High Five: The Staff

No podcast is an island, and we couldn’t produce the amazing show that we do without the support and talent of people way better at their jobs than we are. The following heroes make sure that we keep our shit together.

QExecutive Producer Q wants to live in a world where spontaneous outbursts of musical-like singing and choreography are commonplace. Where theaters are the heart of every major and minor city, and gatherings of friends, neighbors and newcomers to bathe in the glory of cinema, art and creativity are regularly had! When he’s not using his outlets as an excuse to chat pop culture, you can find him binging on trash tv, imbuing his brood with the most necessary entertainment knowledge, playing stupid games that he is terrible at, and plotting to dominate the media landscape.

Yell at Q

AmandaLead Creative – Amanda is the guru of all things visual for High Five: The Podcast. You like the episode banners? What about our logos and website look/feel? You can thank Amanda for all that. If you’d like your stuff to look as good as our stuff, you can reach out to us directly to contract some creative work, cause we’re generous like that.

Talk to Us About Pretty Things

Haley, Event Manager – If you’ve been to one of our events, you know how much better than your current events they are. Haley is the wizard of getting those all set up and scheduled. Is your event in need of more awesomeness? Are you in need of a game night at your venue? Reach out to Haley and she’ll get you set up. All you’ll have to do is sit back and watch the people flow in and laugh.

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