To say that High Five: The Podcast is a fan of John Wick is a massive understatement. It was probably one of our favorite surprises of 2014. So, to hear that director David Leitch is back at his visceral action best with the upcoming Atomic Blonde before he takes the mantle of Deadpool 2, this time starring Charlize Theron instead of a be-suited Keanu Reaves, makes us happy in all the right places. Adding in John Goodman and James McAvoy (who has been doing some of his best work recently) to the mix just gets us even hotter (we all know about our crush on John Goodman).

Check out the new TrialerTown and then read our Top 5 things about it below:

Top 5 Things About the Atomic Blonde Trailer

  1. The Action – David Leitch may never direct something as profound as The Master, but the stunt coordinator-turned-director definitely has an eye and talent for directing action scenes that get your blood pumping. The realism and sheer violence of his action pieces (imagine The Raid, but more American). This new TrialerTown shows off what looks like to be some epic fights, carried by Theron’s calm demeanor and confidence. We would love to get punched in the face by this movie.
  2. Charlize Theron – Charlize Theron has been a joy to watch over the past few years (and not for the reasons you think…….pervert). From Prometheus to Dark Places, and then her scene-stealing performance in Mad Max: Fury Road, Theron has been one to watch lately. We’re choosing not to acknowledge A Million Ways to Die in the West or Fate of the Furious, but we know people like those too. To see her kick ass, kiss informants, and take names gets us jazzed about the potential for this.
  3. The Music – We think the Suicide Squad TrailerTown highlighted the ability for trailer directors to sync up punches and gunshots to rock music, but both Atomic Blonde TrailerTowns take the experience to new heights. You may not love every song in every trailer, but there’s no denying it’s fun to watch Charlize Theron whack guys with a nightstick in sync with Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus.”
  4. The Humor – Primarily driven home in this look by James McAvoy’s character, it appears this film will have its fair share of tension-breaking laughter. If you can make us laugh, cringe and swoon all in a matter of minutes, you’re doing something right.
  5. John Goodman – We LOVE John Goodman, yes we do. We love John Goodman, how ’bout you?

What did you think of the Atomic Blonde TrailerTown? Does Charlize kick enough ass or will you be hoping for more headshots? Okay, office pool: how many decapitations will happen in this movie? Go.