We’ve been waiting nearly 10 years, but the first official TrailerTown for Avengers: Infinity War is here, and we couldn’t be more excited! After the colossal let-down that was Justice League (check out our episode this Friday for more on that) we needed a palette-cleanser, so we turn to the comic studio that seems to have their shit together, Marvel, for some cosmic epicness. Pretty much everything you could hope to get a peak of from Avengers: Infinity War is there: new heroes working together, old favorites, Chris Evans with a beard…you get the idea.

Anyway, we’ve babbled enough, watch this fucking thing right now and then read our Top 5 thoughts about it below:

Top 5 Things About the Avengers: Infinity War Trailer

  1. Rollin’ With Brolin – First off, as we’ve mentioned in the past, it seems that Marvel a lot of times has a villain problem. Bringing in an actor at the caliber of Josh Brolin to play a big bad as powerful as Thanos was a smart move and the monologue he gives over the majority of this TrailerTown gives us hope that he truly will be a force to be reckoned with. Also, the CGI on Thanos looks better already than anything DC has put out.
  2. Spider-Fan – There are only short clips of most characters in this TrailerTown because there is a LOT to fit into two and a half minutes, but the three looks we get at Spider-Man, his new suit, his spidey-senses, and him taking on Thanos alone, gave us goosebumps.
  3. Cap’n ‘Merica – The last we saw of Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers (aka Captain America), he was in hiding after his entire team was imprisoned in Captain America: Civil War. If we are to take this TrailerTown at face value, it appears he may have been holing up in Wakanda with Black Panther (secret Captain America cameo in Black Panther, anyone?!?), but when he exits the shadows with his “man beard” little girlie squeaks erupted from our mouths. If this is going to be our last film(s) with Steve Rogers, here’s hoping it’s an epic goodbye.
  4. Thor-clops – Without going into spoiler territory, we’ll just say that we are pumped they are sticking to the continuity of Thor:Ragnarok with both his character and Hulk. And that’s all we’ll say about that!
  5. “Who the hell are you guys?” – We didn’t expect the Guardians of the Galaxy to be the main crux of this TrailerTown, but if we never got a look at them at all, it would have been disappointing. To have them meet up with Thor in the last seconds of the teaser gave us enough to know that this is going to be one massive-as-hell movie.

Even without a look at Samuel L. Jackson or Ant-Man, this looks to be one of the most stacked action movies in history. We can barely hold it together until next May, but what did you think? Will Avengers: Infinity War try to stuff too much in and end up with a bad movie, or will this truly be the pinnacle of what superhero team-up movies can be? Let us know in the comments!