It’s not easy portraying massively-famous rock legends. Just ask Q and J, we pretend to be famous podcasters every week! With the release of Taron Egerton’s latest, Rocketman, we decided to plug in our amps and really dive into what makes a good musical biopic. How important is the music? What about the lead actor? How much lip syncing should be involved? We answer these hard-hitting questions and wrap up with the official Top 5 Musical Biopics of all time list!

Find out what Q thought of seeing La Bamba for the first time. Hear J’s take on Joaquin Phoenix in Walk the Line. Learn more about the biopics you love and get some new ones to add to your watchlist. And just like the greatest stories about musical legends, it ends with some weird stuff happening in the dressing rooms!

Walk the Line musical biopics

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