Calling All Furries! If you were going to listen to any podcast this week (or ever), this is the one for you. J & Q explore the world of dancing animals, sentient puppets, talking appendages and more as they list off the Top 5 Movies of all time featuring Anthropomorphized Lead Characters. If you don’t know what that means, get a dictionary, fool! Do your toys come to life when you leave the room? Does your toaster miss you when you’re gone? Do they sing they sing while they’re at it? Then definitely don’t miss this episode.

Aside from the anthropomorphin’ action of the first half, the guys introduce you to their (honest-to-God) favorite sponsor…….and some of their second favorites as well, then play a game that may or may not end in disaster (it does). It’s time to strap on those fuzzy ears and dive into the world of make-believe. Join us or we’ll bring your computer to life and get it to divulge your web browser history to the world on our next episode.

Note: This episode is legitimately sponsored by, we love those guys and you should check out their stuff and rub it on your face.