You can feel back to school time in the air. The air turns cold, you start seeing a lot more J. C. Penny commercials than normal, and the back to school movies start airing all over television. The ones where people who shouldn’t be in school, are somehow back in school, or the ones where students are just about head back for the first day after the Summer break. You love those movies, Q and J love those movies, Judge Reinhold loves those movies (because he’s in a crazy number of them), so let’s use our remaining days of Summer to celebrate those movies.

Kind of.

While strolling the halls of Back-to-School Movies High, J and Q get distracted and wind up in Existential Detention, diving into everything from Adam Sandler impressions to which Rodney Dangerfield movies were our favorites growing up. Everything gets on this episode’s class schedule, along with a very special #JennaJabber where we tell everyone about the new Six von Lowe Habidashiversity. You’ll just have to listen to make sure you get all the subject matter. It will definitely be on the test.

Dazed and Confused Back to School Movies

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