First, Jason Blum revolutionized the movie making markets when he figured out the Blumhouse model for producing and distributing films. Now, Q and J are revolutionizing the podcast market by dedicating an entire episode to the best Blumhouse films (so far) and narrowing down their impressive slate to the Top 5 films they’ve released in anticipation of BlacKkKlansman. Do you lean more towards Get Out or are you more of a Paranormal Activity fan? Did you actually like Happy Death Day, or do you prefer Whiplash? We’ll find out.

Don’t worry though, it’s not all horror movie talk. We dive into other recent studios that have impressed us, like A24, Neon and even Annapurna, while gearing up to tell you all about Six Pixtures in the newest installment of the #JennaJabber. By the end of this episode, Jason Blum will be reaching out to start a picture deal with us, so you definitely want to listen and ride our coattails.

Insidious Blumhouse

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