This is a true story.

The events depicted in this podcast took place in a mysterious Writer’s Room in 2017. At the request of the hosts’ wives, the names have been changed. Out of respect for the brain-dead, the rest is presented exactly how it occurred.

It’s a little-known, but true, fact that when jingle writers wrote the phrase “Double your pleasure, double your fun,” they were writing about the Coen Brothers and their illustrious film career. Yes, that commercial came out in 1986, a mere two years after the Coen Brothers’ Blood Simple debut, but it was obvious they would go on to do great things. Over the course of their 17 films, the Coen Brothers have run the gamuts of genre, style, and tone, and on this episode, Q & J break down what makes them the master storytellers they are and which films rise to the top.

While trying to restrain from saying “bro” after every sentence, the guys also delve into some other famous director brother duos and hear from some sponsors that aren’t Doublemint Gum (those sticklers wouldn’t give us any money). It’s a wild ride through cinematic excellence and family. We also discover, to our great surprise, that the Coen Brothers are, in fact, not M. Night Shyamalan. Who knew?!?!

Coen Brothers Raising Arizona