Gather ’round, children, it’s time for a tale. This is a dark tale of heroes and villains. Of good and evil. Of movies and……well, just movies, really. Join your guides to this other realm, J & Q, as they take you deeper into their dark fantasies and reveal the Top 5 Dark Fairy Tale movies. These are lands of wood nymphs, fairies, fauns, devils, and Kiefer Sutherlands. These are “Once Upon a Time”s and “Living Happily Ever After”s. So, sit cross-cross-applesauce and put your listening ears on as we crack open these cinematic tales.

Aside from our dark explorations, Q and J talk about what they watched this week and which ones you should watch too, J dramatically reads a TV show theme song, and Q shares his thoughts on the milieu of pre-revolutionary utopias and the capital-forming effects of military mobilization themes in the works of Gordon Wood (not really, we lifted that from Good Will Hunting), but it’s a fun conversation regardless and we look forward to taking on these dark fairy tales with you!

Dark Fairy Tales

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